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About TevWear

Who is Tev?

This is a not-so-glamorous story that takes a glamours turn. About a girl who has been dreaming of beautiful clothes even in her sleep. Fashion is what Tev breaths. From the moment Tev started studying business at a University Tev Wear was conceived, and we started re-creating high-end looks for women to be able to wear. Tev wear is the birth of women who never want to be behind on the latest trends and expect to look confident and feel beautiful every day. Life is too short to not.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.


Why the name TevWear?

TEV derives from the root of the name Tatev from the beautiful culture of Armenia. Tatev means give wings, and this is exactly how we want every woman to feel when they wear one of our pieces. Like they have invincible wings on their backs, and they are ready to conquer everything and anything.

What inspires TevWear?

Most of our inspiration for TevWear is Drawn from current trends redesigned into affordable and wearable pieces for the modern woman. TevWear is for the edgy woman, the sexy, the classy, and the modest. We all together make up the modern women. Fashion gives us the extra necessities for us to conquer the day. We create collections that speak loudly on high-end fabrics, luxe designs, and tags that don’t compromise the quality. Confidence is what TevWear projects. Attitude is what is delivered and what is simple is always tasteful.Tev.Wear is elegant, sexy, staple pieces, and bold in the statement it makes.

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Who is Tev.Wear?

She is the girl who everyone keeps their eye on when at a party. She knows what she wants, and she is not afraid to go after it. She walks with grace and her head up high because she has wings on her back, and she knows it. She is the girl that can pull of sneakers at 5 PM, and by 6 PM, she is wearing heels as high as the sky. She can do it all. She is your go-getter, your overachiever, your motivation, and the best kind of girl you can have in your life. Tev.Wear is the girl with the invincible wings on her back as big as a Victoria Secret Angel.